Our deal with you

Some organisations call this their employee value proposition, or EVP. We prefer the term “Deal”. In other words, what we offer people like you, and what you bring us in return. Here it is in full:

Our reason to exist is refreshingly clear. We’re here to make more lives better through connected technology, helping them make smarter comparisons and decisions that bring them real value. It’s about opening their eyes to what’s possible and making the complex stuff simple. Importantly, we think technology should be fun – and for everyone.

For a business our size, we’re remarkably nimble and don’t have as many processes as you might expect. This freedom will help you be the best at what you do, but it isn’t for everyone. You need an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to achieve success with others and a passion to create memorable moments.

Together, we’ll build a business that brings us closer to customers – and sets us further apart from competitors. A business in which a fun working week, strong teamwork and top performance are taken as read. A business in which your winning ways and personal contribution will make all the difference.